I-78 Parapet Upgrade Improvement

ACT Engineers led the Community Involvement efforts for the I-78 Rehabilitation project near the Delaware River Toll Bridge in New Jersey.  The project involved rehabilitation of the concrete roadway pavement, rehabilitation of the bridge decks and upgrades along the 4.75 miles of Interstate 78 from the toll plaza to Exit 3 in Warren County.  The public outreach involved 3 municipalities and a large volume of commuter and truck traffic that use the roadway.  An 800 hot line was set up, monitored and response given daily.  Information on the Commission website and information cards were developed to provide additional information to the public.  Communication with the elected officials, emergency services, business owners and the general public was conducted throughout the project.

Project Features

  • Information Cards designed and distributed
  • Partnering Session Held
  • Information Hotline
Additional project details are only available to registered users to the ACT Engineers website.
ACT’s Role
  • Public Outreach Plan
  • Public Open Houses and public official briefings held
  • Stakeholder Meetings
  • Mailing list developed and maintained
  • Project fact sheet developed and distributed
  • Social Media-Twitter