Easton-Phillipsburg Bridge Rehabilitation

ACT Engineers conducted the Community Outreach program during the Concept Study for the bridge rehabilitation project.  Kick-off and progress meetings were attended by ACT Engineers.  Letters and emails were drafted and sent to local, county, state and federal-elected officials.  A stakeholder database was created and project flyers were developed and distributed to local businesses, libraries, hospitals, etc to advise of upcoming Open Houses.  ACT also conducted wetland delineation and permit coordination for rehabilitation of the existing bridge span.

Project Features

  • Developed Stakeholder database
  • Created project flyers/fact sheets
  • Coordinated Open Houses
  • Permit Coordination
Additional project details are only available to registered users to the ACT Engineers website.
ACT”s Role
  • Community Involvement
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Permit coordination/identification with regulatory agencies