ACT Engineers Projects

Ocean City Dredging Program

ACT Engineers has partnered with Anchor QEA to develop a dredging plan to maintain the waterway , lagoons and harbors in the back bay area of Ocean City.  Limited disposal/storage capacity for dredge material within the city necessitated the transition … View Project

Amelia Earhart Boulevard Rehabilitation-Atlantic City Airport

ACT Engineers completed a complete roadway topographic survey on approximately 12 acres of land which contains physical features such as the access roadway, intersection with several access roadways, utilities, fences, swales and woods.  In addition, all traffic control striping, signage … View Project

Atlantic City Airport Taxiway “K” Rehabilitation

The taxiway and adjacent areas were field surveyed at fifty (50) foot sections with intermediate locations of physical features such as grade breaks, stormwater management features (inlets/outfalls, ditches) where those were encountered.  ACT Engineers, Inc. contracted with a geophysical survey … View Project

Atlantic City Airport De-Icing Facility

In order to further facilitate airport operations and aviation service reliability, an airplan de-icing facility is being designed for the Atlantic City airport.   View Project

Washington Boulevard Pocket Park

Washington Boulevard Pocket Park was designed to meet the needs of the neighboring residents.  The project concept design was a collaborative effort between the residents of the adjacent townhouse complex and the township.  ACT Engineers worked with the Township to … View Project

NJ Transit Corporation SPCC Plan Updates

ACT Engineers conducted site inspections at various NJ Transit facilities to ensure there wasn’t water pollution from above ground oil storage tanks. ACT coordinated Site Inspections and updated facility SPCC plans as required. ACT provided “Roadway Worker/On Track Protection” Training … View Project

Newburgh Mall

ACT Engineers conducted Site Investigation activities at an active retail center.  A limited subsurface investigation was conducted to determine if subsurface soils and/or groundwater had been impacted by the historical use of the subject property.  ACT installed multiple soil borings and … View Project

Renovation to Bishop Quad at Rutgers University

ACT Engineers has worked along with the project architect and prepared a site plan for improvements to the dormitory housing units in Bishop Quad.  Site plans provided demolition of existing site featurea.  The proposed site improvements required applying for a … View Project

I-78 Parapet Upgrade Improvement

ACT Engineers led the Community Involvement efforts for the I-78 Rehabilitation project near the Delaware River Toll Bridge in New Jersey.  The project involved rehabilitation of the concrete roadway pavement, rehabilitation of the bridge decks and upgrades along the 4.75 … View Project

Easton-Phillipsburg Bridge Rehabilitation

ACT Engineers conducted the Community Outreach program during the Concept Study for the bridge rehabilitation project.  Kick-off and progress meetings were attended by ACT Engineers.  Letters and emails were drafted and sent to local, county, state and federal-elected officials.  A … View Project