The ACT Engineers Team

Rob Korkuch, P.E., P.P.

Eric Rosina
Vice President, Director of Environmental Services

Carol Beske
Director, Public Involvement

Mike McGuire, P.L.S.
Director, Land Survey

John Taylor III, P.E., CME
Manager of Construction Administration,

Andrew Birtok, P.E.
Senior Project Engineer

Ingrid Kohler, L.L.A.
Landscape Architect

Additional Staff Contacts

Jo Ann Ritz
Project Designer

Joseph Rosina, P.E., P.P.
Senior Engineer

Michael Countess
Environmental Services

Lisa Cuffman
Marketing Administrative Specialist

Kathy Crawford
Public Involvement Specialist / Office Manager

Osa Marshall
Accounts Manager

Carl Mallory
Land Survey Party Chief

Kathy D. McGuire
Environmental Program Manager

Vlad G. Odarchenko
Environmental Service Manager

Kelli Heege
Drafting Specialist

Jenna Whitaker
Construction Inspector

Reece Nordeen
Staff Technical Representative

Jake A. Schwartz
Staff Technical Representative